Tuscany, the green heart of Italy

Tuscany is one of the 20 regions of Italy and consists of 10 provinces: Arezzo, Florence, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena. The capital city of the region being Florence.

This region is the cradle of art and culture of our civilization, rich in stunning natural landscapes, a jewel that contains an infinite number of treasures.

A territory rich in history, passion, beauty, aromas and flavors. This site focuses on the province of Siena and its real estate market orientated around the discerning investor and buyer.

Tuscany, the green heart of Italy, is not just a place to visit, it is a place to live and to explore because the possibilities of discovering jewels which never end. A rich land where great civilizations such as the Etruscan, Romans and the Tuscan had been the catalyst of artistic periods like the Renaissance, which have enriched the lives of all human being with art and beauty.

Since thousands of years ago, this territory offered so much to the people in terms of fertility and abundance that it gave them the opportunity to take care of their land and homes.

The intrinsic beauty of this land has inspired the Artists who have embellished the territory, dotting it with rare pearls.

Having lived in Tuscany for almost 40 years, I continue to discover new places to visit, dishes to taste or art to admire.

Someone says that a whole life is not enough to visit every beauty of Tuscany and Italy and I agree. If you will live here, every day you will be fascinated by the living portraits that surrounds you and from the gentle fauna such as the herons that live and nests nest along the waterways.

The purpose of this site is to offer a gateway into the real estate market in Siena and surrounding areas.